Sunday, March 11, 2012


Life like ciRcle. Now, i meet my circle. I hope i always in there. Love, air, calmness and everthing i feel know. After war with my heart. ALHAMDULILLAH! allah LOVE ME and us. So, he give it. Now, i must more prepare to face the new story. What story? We just wait and prepare for the next story. Whatever the story... ALQURAN and hadis Rasulullah S.A.W is the our reference. Who and anything behind me and yours is agent from ALLAH to me and u. As agent from ourself to ALLAH also. We need each other. We must have cooperation like human law. Human need food for life. Food from human. Food give energy to human make a food. SO, we can see life is circle. Like human and food.. THANKS TO ALLAH because give me your love and meet me all human very2 love me...May u give happiness to all parts of my family and friends because they was help me to love u much more than my ownself.Thanks ALLAH!!! (^_^)